The Whispers of the North

Shopping and a Noble's Favor

After their ordeals on the top of Grecia's tower, the party found themselves in need of rest and recovery. While the Snowden Isles offered some hospitality, they decided to seek out the comforts of civilization for proper relaxation and shopping opportunities. A short trip back to main land and they reached the great city of Candlekeep. Ashurbanipal took it upon himself to show Genji the wonders of the city, and after commissioning an exquisite breastplate, took Genji to the most reputable house of ill repute. While staying in Candlekeep, Ashur received a missive from fellow noble by the name of Anaximander, asking that he and his companions travel north to Baldur's Gate to meet him at his manor to discuss aiding him in a matter of some import.



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